Do-it-Yourself Transmission Service and Repair
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Having your vehicle(s) serviced and repaired at the dealership or local repair shop is tremendously expensive.  Depending on where you live, you're paying between $75 to $135 per hour for labor.  Add a hefty parts markup and it is easy to see how even the smallest repairs cost several hundred dollars or more.  Transmission service and repair can be even more costly.

To combat these high costs, vehicle owners are choosing to do some of their own automotive service and repair work.  With a few tools and a little know-how, most anyone can service their vehicle(s) and perform minor repairs.  

At My Automatic Transmission, we provide many DIY instructional guides free of charge so that you can reduce your dependency on using costly automotive repair shops and save money!

Note: When working on or around any vehicle injuries can and do occur.  Please read these Safety Precautions before starting your next automotive service/repair project.

A Library of "Do-it-Yourself" Service and Repair Guides 

Learn the correct procedures for checking your transmission fluid level.  Many people do it wrong.

Learn how to check the condition of transmission fluid, what the different conditions mean and what, if anything, you need to do to keep your transmission running smooth.

Keeping clean fresh fluid in your transmission is the number one thing you can do to protect the transmission from premature failure.  These DIY transmission fluid and filter change procedures are easy to follow.

A transmission fluid flush can be performed without a transmission flush machine - and it's safer for high mileage vehicles.

Nothing is more frustrating that getting into your car and the gear shifter lever being locked in Park.  Here we explain how to release the shifter, the causes, how to repair and the estimated cost.

For most vehicles, the speed sensor is plugged into the transmission (or transaxle).  When the speed sensor fails the speedometer stops working and shifts may become erratic.  Replacing a speed sensor is easy.

A step-by-step guide for installing an automatic transmission in a rear wheel drive vehicle.

If you facing a transmission rebuild or replacement, you can reduce the cost considerably by removing and re-installing the transmission yourself.  Here we provide step-by-step instructions for removing the transmission. 

What fluid type do you need for your specific transmission? Use this guide to find out.

Vehicle owners become aware of a transmission fluid leak either when checking the fluid level and seeing that it is low or seeing a red colored fluid on their driveway or garage floor. 

Installing an auxiliary transmission oil cooler can protect your transmission from overheating and failure. Excessive heat can ruin a perfectly good transmission very quickly. Coolers are inexpensive and easy to install.  

The neutral safety switch is a safety feature that prevents the engine from starting when the transmission or transaxle is in gear.  When the switch fails, the engine may not crank or it may start in gear.

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